Team Those Gals FTH-2 Flat Fender Pro Mod Build

Retiring the old YJ and starting over with a complete new car for the Gals to compete with. The start will be one of our FTH chassis, that will be set up for more uptravel, better weight balance and overall built for more speed. The Chevrolet 350/th400/Atlas II will still be used for power to the Spidertrax Spider 9 axles. Front suspension will be a three link & panhard with Radflo Piggyback Reservoir Coilovers and Radflo air bumps. Rear will be triangulated four link, fabricated lowers with Radlfo Piggyback Reservoir Coilovers and Radflo air bumps. 37" Pitbull Rockers on Trailready beadlocks will put the power to the ground. Occupants will be held in place by PRP's newest seat the "Podium" and their new 5 point harnesses.

Monday thru Friday 9am-6pm, Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday by appt. only